Calibre Plugin: Antikvarium_hu 2.0

This Calibre plugin has been created to download metadata and cover image from It was abandonded 6 years ago and site changed a lot. I fixed and updated to get work now.

Original post from by Kloon: I must give credits to the original author, Daermond for making and publishing the initial plugin, but sadly he had abandoned it, so here I am taking over and fixing the errors that have popped up since.

Also, a big thumbs up for kiwidude, for sorting things out for me.

Main features:

Can retrieve title, author, series, ISBN, comments, tags, publisher, year of publication, rating, language and a cover image Shows multiple results if possible (3 by default, can be 1-20) Search based on ISBN if present, otherwise based on title and/or author

Special Notes:

Requires Calibre 0.8 or later. Tested with

Installation Notes:

Download the latest zip file from the releases and install the plugin as described in the Introduction to plugins thread of Calibre forums. Note that this is not a GUI plugin so it is not intended/cannot be added to context menus/toolbars etc.

Version History:

Version 2.0.0 – 29 March 2018 Fix for changes to html code Fix of error at opening options Better search url generation


See for more on the github page!